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Send me an email for free advice on anything.  Please include your email address so I can send a response directly to you.  Not all questions will be posted on our website, so it is imperative to have your email address.  We do not give out email addresses to mailing lists.  Once we respond to your email, within the week, it will be deleted from our system.  When you write me, if you don't want your question posted on my website or in my newsletter, just let me know, otherwise, check back and see if it is on my Q&A page!  You never know, maybe your question will help someone else!
I invite everyone to ask as many questions as they would like.  There is no limit on the amount of questions you submit.
I do believe in followup.  So within a week, before your email address is deleted, I will contact you once to see how things are going.  If you prefer not to respond, that is fine.  If you do then great!
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