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Welcome to my advice column!  My name is J. Lynne, and I am here to help you help yourself.  If you need advice about anything and everything, you have come to the right place for the right price....FREE  Any emails sent to me are personal and confidential.  If I post a question on my website I will never put any personal information about who wrote it.  So feel free to click on my advice page and ask away!  Please do not send any forwards or attachments!  They will be deleted without reading and all forwards will be reported as spam!  This is a business, not a friendship ring.
We also hope to soon offer an awesome newsletter that I'll post your questions on as well.  If you are interested in recieving a monthly dose of reality then check out my newsletter page and subscribe!  We will send it out to you as soon as it is up and running!
Also, don't forget to check back here so you can see your question posted as well as our readers advice or comments to you as well!

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